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Wow. I like this. Will be chewing on it.

What interests me in this conversation is how it gets applied to codependency. I think a lot of folks who are working their way out of codependent relationships have to realize agency and stop captiulating (or laying down ones self) to the other person.

The way I understand Jesus' teaching on dying to self invites me to give my life over to GOD --as Jesus did -- rather than letting myself or other people operate as Lord & judge of me. So, I think this teaching has power to free a person from codependency (which I see essentially as idolatry and complying with others out of fear). Then much servanthood and even self-care (such as Sabbath) is often required of me all in service to the shepherd who leads me and supplies whatever is needed for the task.

So self-with makes sense in the with-god sense, but not as a direct jump to with-others.

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Geoff, thanks for this very insightful and challenging piece. Are you familiar with the work of Sam Wells, formerly Dean of Chapel at Duke, now rector of St Martin in the Fields in London. Sam has written often about "with" as the most important word in the Bible. Put that together with Gregory of Nazianzus on participation and you have a feast for reflection.

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Have you done a deep dive into ifs meets imanuel approach? I met my “self” two years ago through ifs and am slowly getting to know my parts, introducing them to Jesus, getting healing, leading, discipleship

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